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Art Life

By Catherine Ocelot
Translated by Aleshia Jensen

Winner of the Best Graphic Novel in Quebec 2018!

Catherine Ocelot wonders about her place as an artist, digging into the layers of what it means to live this Art Life. In her search for answers, she talks with seven artists from different disciplines who express their doubts, ... Read more

Dear Scarlet

By Teresa Wong

Longlisted for Canada Reads; Finalist, City of Calgary W. O. Mitchell Book Prize

In this intimate and moving graphic memoir, Teresa Wong writes and illustrates the story of her struggle with postpartum depression in the form of a letter to her daughter Scarlet. Equal parts heartbreaking ... Read more


By (artist) Cole Pauls

Indigenous Voices Award winner Cole Pauls returns with a robust collection of stories that celebrate the cultural practices and experiences of Dene and Arctic peoples.

Gathering Pauls's comics from magazines, comic festivals and zine making workshops, these comics are his most ... Read more

Little Russia

By Francis Desharnais

Guyenne is a small village north-east of Amos. Unlike other communities in Abitibi, Guyenne is a cooperative: 50% of all the money its inhabitants make goes to developing the colony. People in the vicinity have a nickname for it: they call it "Little Russia. " Inspired by the ... Read more

Madeline's Good Dirt and Junk Collection

By (artist) Madeline Berger

Madeline's Good Dirt and Junk Collection is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Madeline Berger a non-binary creator living and creating in Vancouver, BC. This is a project that is a celebration of things that we take for granted and often let us pass us by. Madeline ... Read more

Martin Peters

By Patrick Allaby

Everyone has a story to tell. Not all of them are true.

Set in a generic Fredericton suburb called Skyline Acres, this is the fictional biography of Martin Peters, a teenager with type 1 diabetes. The coming of age story revolves around Martin's relationship with his on-again ... Read more

Outbreak Diaries

By (artist) Jason Turner

Outbreak Diaries is an autobiographical series of diary style comics that take place from early in the COVID-19 Pandemic through to 2021 when vaccines were being widely distributed. The story is told from the perspective of a household where both members were working in essential ... Read more

Represented Immobilized

By Rick Trembles

Schoolyard scuffles. Seedy matinees. Run-ins with inept riot cops. Represented Immobilized is an unflinching look through the smudged lenses of Rick Trembles' glasses at his early years in Montreal. Montreal Punk legend and alternative cartoonist Trembles was roommates with the ... Read more

Such a Lovely Little War

By Marcelino Truong
Translated by David Homel

This riveting, beautifully produced graphic memoir tells the story of the early years of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of a young boy named Marco, the son of a Vietnamesediplomat and his French wife. The book opens in America, where the boy's father works for the ... Read more

Take the Long Way Home

By (artist) Jon Claytor

A classic road trip memoir about love, family, and Canadian wildlife

In 2019, artist Jon Claytor said good-bye to the Maritimes and hit the road. His destination: an artist's residency in Prince Rupert, where he planned to work on a graphic novel about his eight-week journey ... Read more