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By Blonk

Phil wakes up in the middle of a cemetery, only to discover he's been dead for a few months. He is now what you would normally call a "zombie", although the term does feel slightly derogatory to him. And now that he's back among the living, everyone seems to have gotten on with ... Read more

Vampire Cousins

Illustrated by Cathon
By Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau

A naive young girl visits her moody, mysterious, garlic-fearing cousin only to discover, a little too late, that she has become a vampire. Vampire Cousins is a funny, reverent tribute to old school horror films. Nominated for a Joe Shuster Award, as well as a Bédélys Award. ... Read more

Vile and Miserable

By Samuel Cantin

The strange, sordid and hilarious tale of a sexually-repressed demon working as a used books salesman in an automobile dealership, Vile and Miserable is an edgy, definitely NSFW sitcom which was a huge hit when it was originally released in French in 2013.