Historical Fiction

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Agnes, Murderess

By Sarah Leavitt

Winner of the Vine Award for Canadian Jewish Literature

Agnes, Murderess is a graphic novel inspired by the bloody legend of Agnes McVee, a roadhouse owner, madam and serial killer in the Cariboo region of British Columbia in the late nineteenth century. Fascinated by this legend--which ... Read more

Langosh & Peppi

By Veronica Post

This debut graphic novel tells the story of the 2015 European "migrant crisis" in Budapest, Hungary through the perspective of Langosh and Peppi, a vagabond and his faithful dog. The pair brings to mind an older, down-on-their-luck Tintin and Snowy with adventures to match. ... Read more

Much the Miller's Son

By (artist) Steve Lecouilliard

It is the reign of the tyrannical King John. The Norman boot presses heavily on the necks of the Saxon people of Englande. Only one man dares to resist. Only one man dares to set the strength of his longbow against the injustice of Norman law- A hero whose name echoes down the ... Read more

Welcome to Mina's

Edited by Emily Lampson

Welcome To Mina's explores Vancouver and the many people who live in it through the lens of a fictional diner: Mina's. The book features heartwarming stories of life, love, and food, all of which connects the stories characters when they enter Mina's. Some contributors have ... Read more