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Giants of Main Street

Edited by Jeffrey Ellis

Giants of Main Street is a massive tome that explores the theme of fantasy and magic within an urban environment. This anthology graphic novel carries the reader through a multitude of impossible cities inhabited by all manner of strange creatures. From communities ravaged by ... Read more

Last Tide, The

By pirateaba
By (artist) Shane Sandulak
Text by Matías Zanetti

The first installment in the Last Tide series, as told by renown fantasy writer pirateaba, is the story of Solca Vis, a young woman transported into another world. Rather than landing near any nation or continent on earth, Solca finds herself at the end of the world. A [Fisher] ... Read more

Una the Blade

Edited by Steve Lecouilliard

In the far distant future, the Earth is dying. Magic and technology mix together on the last remaining continent, where humanity's last descendants struggle to survive in an ecosystem decimated by mass extinctions. In the middle of all this chaos, a warrior woman seeks to protect ... Read more


Edited by Jeffrey Ellis

Waterlogged: Tales From the Seventh Sea takes the reader on a journey to explore the ocean in all its forms. This anthology sails through a multitude of stories, from the emotional tempest of a grandfather's funeral to the outlandish waters of an alien world, from the prow of ... Read more

Witching Hours, The

Edited by Hannah Lou Myers

The Witching Hours is an anthology of comics about magic- al women written, illustrated and edited by women and non-binary persons. It explores the range of what a witch can be and celebrates powerful and magical women. The book features 11 stories ranging from fantasy to horror ... Read more