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By (artist) Chris W. Kim

A poignant fable about a young woman who is captivated by a set of recently discovered notebooks and leaves her isolated community to search for their author--a journey that ultimately makes her question what she wants and what she's willing to leave behind.

The residents of ... Read more

Life Finds A Way

Edited by Dan Anctil & Alina Pete

Life Finds a Way is an anthology of comics about what happens after the end of the world. It asks the question, where are the helpers? How do you rebuild once the worst has happened? We want to tell stories of humanity at its best, despite dire circumstances. We want to explore ... Read more

Shiatsung Project, The

By Brigitte Archambeault
Translated by Aleshia Jensen

"A woman lives alone in a small house situated in a tidy yard surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable wall. She spends her days reading, swimming, and watching TV. She eats regular meals and keeps her house clean. But the simplicity is deceiving, because the woman has no idea ... Read more