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The Shiatsung Project

By (artist) Brigitte Archambault
Translated by Aleshia Jensen

A woman lives alone in a small house situated in a tidy yard surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable wall.
She spends her days reading, swimming, and watching TV. She eats regular meals and keeps her house clean. But the simplicity is deceiving, because the woman has no idea ... Read more

The Twisted History of the GOP

By Mike Luckovich


A two-time Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist shreds the GOP’s record of backward policies and abysmal leaders. Luckovich takes aim at the NRA, Trump, Bush, Ted Cruz, and more.

The Twisted History of the GOP is an editorial cartoon exploration into the ongoing crack-up of ... Read more

The Unknown

By (artist) Anna Sommer
Translated by Helge Dascher

Drawn with guileful clarity and bite, The Unknown is a story of deceit, self-deception and the search for happiness.
One day, Helen finds a newborn abandoned in a changing room in her boutique. She decides to keep it, nested in a cardboard box and hidden even from her husband. ... Read more

The Unravelling

By Clem Martini & Olivier Martini

A memoir, told through illustrations and text, of one family's journey through mental illness, dementia, caregiving, and the health care system.

Olivier Martini and his mother, Catherine, have lived together since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia thirty-six years ago. It ... Read more

The Water Lover

By (artist) Patrick Allaby

A powerful tale of thirst, illness, and obsession
Patrick is almost finished university when his life turns upside down. It begins innocently enough, with a newly developed appreciation for the taste of water. His love of water quickly becomes an obsession, and before long, ... Read more

This American Drive

By Mike Holmes

Follow Mike (from Halifax) and girlfriend Jodi (a Texan) through the United States on a tour fuelled by deep-fried pickles and pocket-sized fruit pies. This American Drive is the story of the foods they ate, things they saw, places they visited, laws they bent, customs they mocked… ... Read more

Through the Labyrinths of the Mind

Edited by Bevan Thomas & Hannah Lou Myers

All over the world, millions of people experience a wide range of mental health issues - depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and more. Sadly, their struggles are often ignored and misunderstood, even mocked. Through the Labyrinths of the Mind is a graphic novel anthology from Cloudscape ... Read more

Tower 25

By (artist) PJ Patten

TOWER 25 is a 128 page graphic memoir about homelessness, addiction, trauma and recovery. Written and illustrated by PJ Patten, Tower 25 follows his journey through homelessness, from living in a nice condo to sleeping in bathrooms at the beach after losing everything to meth ... Read more


By Michelle Gerster
Illustrated by Fiona Dunnett

A poignant bilingual YA graphic novel about a teenage girl's harrowing experience crossing the Mexico-US border.

This compelling young adult graphic memoir, based on real events, tells the story of Gricelda, a fifteen-year-old Mexican girl who attempts to cross the border into ... Read more

True Story

By Mike Holmes

True Story is an illustrated collection of short memoirs. A compendium of stories submitted by everyday people, edited, illustrated-and occasionally exaggerated-by comic artist Mike Holmes. Holmes presents more than 100 comics in his familiar style, bringing middle school embarrassments, ... Read more