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Partum Me

By (artist) Natalie Pendergast

Vignettes of pregnancy and motherhood in a world where women are expected to do it all

Natalie has a few chronic illnesses during pregnancy and early motherhood, yes. But she also chronically wonders where the external factors that trigger her illnesses end and her genetic predisposition ... Read more


By Rita Wong & Cindy Mochizuki

The power of water is the power of blood, flood and drought. Water keeps it real, keeps us real. Forgetting this, we turn the earth into a toxic dump. Remembering this, we unfurl the future as perpetual possibility.


Water is also the strength of subtlety, quietly making its ... Read more

Pizza Punks

By Cole Pauls

A punk-rock celebration of pizza in all its gooey glory. Dive deep into the world of cheese-loving, crust-craving, sauce-savouring punks with award-winning cartoonist Cole Pauls. In Pizza Punks, Pauls pushes the limits of pizza devotion by exploring just how far an extremely ... Read more

Place Into Being

By Robert Pasternak

Robert Pasternak (NAK) is a virtuoso of the sequential art form. An adept panelologist and painstaking craftsman. Despite a loyal and attentive following, awareness of his work is limited. In many ways, what may appear to be a constraint is part of the NAK mystery and lore. ... Read more

Pleasure of the Text, The

By Sami Alwani

In The Pleasure of the Text, Sami Alwani weaves together themes of art induced dissociation, queer intergenerational polyamory, racial capitalism and esoteric mystical experiences into 20 slice of life comic stories that are equal parts comedy and tragedy. These stories question ... Read more


By Sherwin Tjia

Take the plunge into a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

When Amelia "Mel" Eichenwald wakes up one morning, she finds herself in endless freefall towards an Earth that is no longer there, surrounded by the junk of human existence. From high heels to houses, billions of random items ... Read more

Pond and Beyond, The

By Audrey Lute

Just beneath the water's surface exists a fragile and delicate ecosystem, yet is a place often overlooked and taken for granted. The Pond and Beyond explores the tiny worlds right beneath our feet and the beautiful creatures that inhabit them. This sensitive and poignant book ... Read more

Post-Modern Mini-Comics

By (artist) Colin Upton

A palm-sized collection by the King of Canadian Mini-Comics

Join Canadian cartoonist Colin Upton as he delights in the minutiae of everyday life. Whether he's bussing across the border or trying to break in a stiff pair of Doc Martens, Upton examines seemingly insignificant experiences ... Read more

Postcards from Congo

By Edmund Trueman
Foreword by Didier Gondola

The Democratic Republic of Congo, the second-largest country in Africa by area, has a fractured and bloody history, variously undone by decades of colonialism, civil war, corruption, and totalitarian rule. The country has played a crucial role in the economic growth of the Global ... Read more

Preoccupied with My Father

By Simon Schneiderman

In Preoccupied with My Father, Simon Schneiderman has created a graphic memoir about his late father, Yoel. With paintings and poetry, the book depicts his father's life, changed forever by the Holocaust. A life, where, ultimately, Yoel Schneiderman’s ?. . . balance was always ... Read more