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Mile End

By Michel Hellman

A candid memoir which chronicles life in the Mile End, Montreal's hippest neighborhood, Michel Hellman's book begins with the author moving in as a student looking for a cheap apartment and ends with the birth of his first child. Nominated for a Bédéis Causa Award and a Bédélys ... Read more

Moon Boots

By (artist) Lorenz Peter

In Moon Boots, cartoonist Lorenz Peters uses gentle humour and expressive lines to explore the lifestyle of a travelling musician - and discovers that sometimes, home is the open road and family is the people you meet along the way.
When Lester LaFleur's relationship is upended ... Read more

Motion Sickness

By Ursula Pflug
Illustrated by SK Dyment

Motion Sickness is a flash novel consisting of 55 chapters of exactly 500 words each and accompanied by a wood-cut like, scratchboard illustration. The illustrations are dark and somewhat whimsical as is the text. Penelope, the twenty-year old narrator is a guitarist who writes ... Read more

Much the Miller's Son

By (artist) Steve Lecouilliard

It is the reign of the tyrannical King John. The Norman boot presses heavily on the necks of the Saxon people of Englande. Only one man dares to resist. Only one man dares to set the strength of his longbow against the injustice of Norman law- A hero whose name echoes down the ... Read more

New Motor Queen City

By Patricia Seaman

Super Octane Girls get down tonite! Coach House Books has unleashed the omnibus edition of Patricia Seaman's New Motor Queen City on an unsuspecting world.

Previously printed as a limited edition series of chapbooks, all eight chapters of New Motor Queen City are now available ... Read more

Nothing to See Here

By (artist) Howard Chackowicz

"Chackowicz's great trick is making us think that he has merely drawn us comics and cartoons both surreal and laugh-out-loud hilarious, but at a closer glance we can see that he has also crafted honest-to-god poems - lyrical works of poignancy and depth. His art is unexpectedly ... Read more


By Michel Hellman

Author Michel Hellman meets with his editor Luc Bossé and casually promises to write a sequel to his best-selling book Mile End. But the Montréal neighborhood, with its trendy cafés and gluten-free bakeries, doesn't seem half as inspiring as it used to be. Part memoir and ... Read more

Our Work Is Everywhere

By Syan Rose
Foreword by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

A visually stunning graphic non-fiction book on queer and trans resistance.

Over the past ten years, we have witnessed the rise of queer and trans communities that have defied and challenged those who have historically opposed them. Through bold, symbolic imagery and surrealist, ... Read more

Outbreak Diaries

By (artist) Jason Turner

Outbreak Diaries is an autobiographical series of diary style comics that take place from early in the COVID-19 Pandemic through to 2021 when vaccines were being widely distributed. The story is told from the perspective of a household where both members were working in essential ... Read more

Partum Me

By (artist) Natalie Pendergast

Vignettes of pregnancy and motherhood in a world where women are expected to do it all
Natalie has a few chronic illnesses during pregnancy and early motherhood, yes. But she also chronically wonders where the external factors that trigger her illnesses end and her genetic predisposition ... Read more