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Martin Peters

By Patrick Allaby

Everyone has a story to tell. Not all of them are true. Set in a generic Fredericton suburb called Skyline Acres, this is the fictional biography of Martin Peters, a teenager with type 1 diabetes. The coming of age story revolves around Martin's relationship with his on-again ... Read more

Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era

By (artist) George A. Walker

In this wordless biography, wood engraver George A. Walker provides a fitting stage to explore the life of Mary Pickford, a silent film star whose groundbreaking contributions to the motion picture industry earned her the title `Queen of the Movies'.

Meat & Bone

By Kat Verhoeven

A queer slice-of-life drama about dating and eating. The story, which takes place in Toronto and originally appeared as a popular webcomic, focuses on the lives of three roommates and their interpersonal struggles. While one roommate is slowly wrestling with severe body image ... Read more


By (artist) Jarrett Heckbert

Jarrett Heckbert's Metamorphadox is a wordless novel in which wood engravings tell a story of the perils of technological mediation to the ever-evolving human existence.

Mile End

Illustrated by Michel Hellman
Text by Michel Hellman

A candid memoir which chronicles life in the Mile End, Montreal's hippest neighborhood, Michel Hellman's book begins with the author moving in as a student looking for a cheap apartment and ends with the birth of his first child. Nominated for a Bédéis Causa Award and a Bédélys ... Read more

Nothing to See Here

By Howard Chackowicz

Nothing to See Here is the highly-anticipated continuation of Chackowicz's Howie Action Comix series. In the spirit of Ivan Brunetti, his one-page gags convey narrative devices that take fans to strange and dark places that exist well beyond joke territory.


Illustrated by Michel Hellman
Text by Michel Hellman

Author Michel Hellman meets with his editor Luc Bossé and casually promises to write a sequel to his best-selling book Mile End. But the Montréal neighborhood, with its trendy cafés and gluten-free bakeries, doesn't seem half as inspiring as it used to be. Part memoir and ... Read more


By Rita Wong & Cindy Mochizuki

The power of water is the power of blood, flood and drought. Water keeps it real, keeps us real. Forgetting this, we turn the earth into a toxic dump. Remembering this, we unfurl the future as perpetual possibility.


Water is also the strength of subtlety, quietly making its ... Read more

Pineapples of Wrath, The

Illustrated by Cathon

It's a tiki murder mystery in the tropical heart of Trois-Rivières! When a former limbo champion is found dead in her apartment, the local police force finds no reason to suspect foul play. But amateur detective (and bookworm barmaid extraordinaire) Marie-Pomme knows there's ... Read more

Place Into Being

By Robert Pasternak

Robert Pasternak (NAK) is without a doubt an undisputed master of the sequential art form. A virtuosopanalologist and craftsman, known regionally by only an elite few of attentive and aware followers. One can only speculate why this is so. In many ways it is part of the NAK ... Read more