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By Pascal Girard

Pascal Girard, the Doug Wright Award-winning author of Reunion and Petty Theft, offers a peek at his personal sketchbook with Dessins, a collection of various drawings done in Montreal which aptly showcases his remarkable attention to details as well as his unique sense of humor. ... Read more


By Blonk

Phil wakes up in the middle of a cemetery, only to discover he's been dead for a few months. He is now what you would normally call a "zombie", although the term does feel slightly derogatory to him. And now that he's back among the living, everyone seems to have gotten on with ... Read more

Epic Canadiana #2

Edited by Bevan Thomas

Epic Canadiana returns in the second volume of the award winning anthology series! Dedicated to exploring numerous flavours of superheroism within Canada, Epic Canadiana Volume 2 puts a new twist on the superher genre, and features a truly diverse collection of heroes - some ... Read more

Exactly Twelve Cents and Other Convictions

By Paul Davies

This is a book of observation and comment about comic books?in particular the Marvel hero comics of the early 1960s?and the influence those stories and drawings had on the lives of the young people that grew up with them. The topic is not brought under hard analysis: the comics ... Read more

Exploded View

Edited by Jeffrey Ellis

From ocean floors to the darkest parts of space, science fiction has been built on creative and challenging short stories. Cloudscape Comics adds to this tradition by presenting the next generation of scifi storytelling in its anthology, Exploded View. This collection includes ... Read more

Fir Valley

By (artist) Jason Turner

The town of Fir Valley sits on the side of a mountain, nestled up against the forest. The town is shaken when a man is killed and his son disappears. While the community reacts to these events, the mystery is investigated and dark secrets from the town's past come to light. ... Read more

Fire Monster

By Anita Lahey & Pauline Conley
By (artist) Pauline Conley

Would you return to the landscape you watched burn as a child, especially if you and everyone else believed that the manic, wind-fuelled, merciless fire was your fault?

Set in a fictional version of the real Main-à-Dieu, Nova Scotia, where a 1976 wildfire caused catastrophic ... Read more

Fly on the Wall

By Jason Brink
Illustrated by Jim Westergard

Privy to the details of all your secret moments, all your misdeeds, private conversations and indulgences, the fly on the wall is neutral. It doesn`t care that you cheat on your income tax, it won`t stop you from jumping, and it won`t call the police when you eliminate the neighbor’s ... Read more

For as Long as It Rains

By Zviane
Translated by Helge Dascher

Two lovers elope to an isolated cabin for a romantic weekend together, knowing they'll soon have to go back to their respective lives away from each other. An atmospheric, introspective look at modern relationships, For As Long As It Rains was awarded a Joe Shuster Award and ... Read more

Gary: King of the Pickup Artists

Illustrated by Luc Bossé
By Alexandre Simard

He's friendly. He's responsible. And he can be funny. Sometimes. But Gary is no Casanova. He could be your co-worker. He could be your neighbor. But could he be your boyfriend? In order for that to happen, he'd have to ask you out - but that's not going to happen any time soon. ... Read more