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Unknown, The

By Anna Sommer
Translated by Helge Dascher

Drawn with guileful clarity and bite, The Unknown is a story of deceit, self-deception and the search for happiness.

One day, Helen finds a newborn abandoned in a changing room in her boutique. She decides to keep it, nested in a cardboard box and hidden even from her husband. ... Read more

Vampire Cousins

Illustrated by Cathon
By Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau

A naive young girl visits her moody, mysterious, garlic-fearing cousin only to discover, a little too late, that she has become a vampire. Vampire Cousins is a funny, reverent tribute to old school horror films. Nominated for a Joe Shuster Award, as well as a Bédélys Award. ... Read more


By Thom

Death is patiently waiting for the seventh book in a series he's currently reading. But author Titus Caropin is stuck with a bad case of writer's block and keeps pushing back the release date. He has run out of inspiration, and even karaoke can't seem to bring the old magic ... Read more

Vile and Miserable

By Samuel Cantin

The strange, sordid and hilarious tale of a sexually-repressed demon working as a used books salesman in an automobile dealership, Vile and Miserable is an edgy, definitely NSFW sitcom which was a huge hit when it was originally released in French in 2013.


By Jeff Sturge
Illustrated by Nick Marinkovich

The Voyageur is a 74-page graphic novel, illustrated by Nick Marinkovich (KENK, Marvel's When The Hulk Attacks, Underworld, Nightwolf, Impaler), written and conceived by documentary filmmaker/screenwriter Jeff Sturge (Mayday, Storming Juno, Cold Blood). Compelling characters ... Read more

Was It Good For You?

By Terry Mosher

Was it good for you? It was really good for Aislin!Montreal’s infrastructure is crumbling at a faster rate than any city in North America – and there lurks Aislin amongst the thousands of orange construction cones, sketchbook in hand. Nationalism in Quebec would appear to ... Read more


Edited by Jeffrey Ellis

Waterlogged: Tales From the Seventh Sea takes the reader on a journey to explore the ocean in all its forms. This anthology sails through a multitude of stories, from the emotional tempest of a grandfather's funeral to the outlandish waters of an alien world, from the prow of ... Read more


By Genevieve Lebleu

X-Files meets The Young and The Restless

On a typical autumn afternoon, Martha hosts a group of middle-aged women at her suburban home. The day takes a sudden turn when Elisabeth, an estranged friend, turns up unexpectedly--and she isn't the only unwanted guest at the tea party. ... Read more

Welcome to Mina's

Edited by Emily Lampson

Welcome To Mina's explores Vancouver and the many people who live in it through the lens of a fictional diner: Mina's. The book features heartwarming stories of life, love, and food, all of which connects the stories characters when they enter Mina's. Some contributors have ... Read more

Witching Hours, The

Edited by Hannah Lou Myers

The Witching Hours is an anthology of comics about magic- al women written, illustrated and edited by women and non-binary persons. It explores the range of what a witch can be and celebrates powerful and magical women. The book features 11 stories ranging from fantasy to horror ... Read more