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Flying Ace

By Sheilah Lukins
Illustrated by Laurel Keating


Errol the adventurous little mouse takes to the sky when he meets a young girl, Natasha, playing with a toy airplane. Later, when Errol is left alone, he decides to fly Natasha’s ... Read more

Patrick and the Backhoe

By Howard White
Illustrated by Bus Griffiths

Beautifully illustrated by BC folk hero Bus Griffiths who wrote and illustrated the popular comic book Now You're Logging, Patrick and the Backhoe is a classic story of decency and guts triumphing over arrogance and greed.

Patrick lives in a little town on the side of a high ... Read more

The Ferryboat Ride

Illustrated by Greta Guzek
By Robert Perry

"Greta Guzek's 'child's paint-box' renderings ... effortlessly convey some of the beauties and magic of this world of islands and boats and whales."


--Books in Canada


"Do you believe / in ferry tales / of seeing pods / of flying whales?" Robert Perry's simple four-line rhymes, ... Read more

The Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book

By Robert Perry
Illustrated by Greta Guzek

A companion to the bestselling Ferryboat Ride, this book of evocative children's poetry about the experience of taking a ride on one of BC's ferries offers children the opportunity to colour Greta Guzek's fabulous coastal landscapes. Ages 5 and up.