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Milly the Mouse and Morton the Mole

Illustrated by Donna Washington

Created by Donna Washington, the illustrator of The Mouse, The Mole, and the Magnificent, Moss-Covered House, comes the companion colouring book Milly the Mouse and Morton the Mole. Suitable for children of all ages (and adults) who loved reading their story.


Odd Ball

By Arthur John Stewart

In a series of intimate monologues interspersed with dialogue and description, the lives of students at Central Middle School are exposed and explored. Four main characters emerge: Kevin, the likeable grade nine student who refuses to accept the "geek" label because, as he puts ... Read more

On Fire

By Dianne Linden

Part comedy, part mystery, part allegory, On Fire is narrated alternately by two characters: Matti Iverly, a fourteen-year-old girl with Tourette Syndrome. In Matti’s case, her tics are primarily vocal. As she confides early in the book, “At school they called me Tourette’s ... Read more

Queen of the Godforsaken

By Mix Hart

Lydia Buckingham is an ice queen. She wasn’t always that way, but after her parents uprooted the family to move to an isolated and rundown farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, she has been forced to adapt this personality in order to survive in rural Saskatchewan. Despite her ... Read more

Secret of the Azure Stone

By Raymond McGregor

Although evil terror nearly brought Uthgar to his demise, Owen was able to save his friend from death, reconcile with his long-lost sister Elsa and free the town from the Evil King. With his family reunited, the Dwarf King wishes to share a secret known only by very few humans ... Read more

Size of a Fist

By Tara Gereaux

Living in a small working class town has never suited Addy, so after a summer working as a janitor at the local hospital, she is more than ready to move to the city. When the night before her move finally arrives, Addy’s bags are packed, she has visited all her favourite spots ... Read more

Swampy Jo

By Jennifer Barbeau

How do you find the truth when the adults in your life are crazy? This is the dilemma of thirteen-year-old Sarah Joanne Bradley--alias Swampy Jo.Swampy Jois a heroic tale of a young girl setting aside her personal need to disappear, in order to save the life of a brooding love ... Read more

Ten Mondays for Lots of Boxes

By Sue Ann Alderson
Illustrated by Caddie T'Kenye

Summertime, and moving time. A bittersweet time for "Lots of Boxes." But as he pragmatically tells his mother, all their belongings will fit inside his box collection, and the moving will be easy. The hard part will be to see if the new house with three apple trees will be a ... Read more

The Boy & the Bindi

By Vivek Shraya
Illustrated by Rajni Perera

In this beautiful children's picture book by Vivek Shraya, author of the acclaimed God Loves Hair, a five-year-old boy becomes fascinated with his mother's bindi, the red dot commonly worn by South Asian women to indicate the point at which creation begins, and wishes to have ... Read more