Short Stories

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All In Together Girls

By Kate Sutherland

Candid and truthful stories about women, young and old, grappling with generational wariness, creative recklessness, and illusive purpose celebrate all that is beautiful, wild and distinctive in contemporary women.

All In Together Girls, whose title is inspired by a jump rope ... Read more

Feeding At Nine

By R.P. MacIntyre

Award-winning author R.P. MacIntyre provokes his YA following with another round of masterful story telling. Rife with themes of bewilderment, menace, and transformation, Macintyre_s fiction and fables invade in the big questions of youth, revealing in the answers, snapshots ... Read more

Laws of Emotion

By Alison Lohans

Lohans has had a number of successful publications for young adults, and all of her titles have been selected for the prestigious Our Choice list by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

"The good writing found in Lohans’ three YA novels is equally present in this collection ... Read more

Paradise Café and Other Stories

By Martha Brooks

Paradise Café and Other Stories was chosen as winner of the 1989 Vicky Metcalf Short Story Award, and winner of the Boston Globe Horn Book Honor Choice Award in 1991. It was also nominated for the Governor General’s Award.

Without sentimentality Brooks portrays love and romance, ... Read more


By R.P. MacIntyre

Once again R.P. MacIntyre ups the speed limit with a collection of stories that are journeys into the delight and terror of emerging self-consciousness. From a strange party in honour of a dying hamster to a young man’s quest to find his missing sister, Revved resonates with ... Read more

Sky Kickers

By Shelley A. Leedahl

Treat yourself to a collection of realistic short fictions that are unpretentious in craft, yet uncompromising in impact.

&quotShelley Leedahl is the quintessential writer for the 㥢s.&quot Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

The Blue Camaro

By R.P. MacIntyre

From the winner of the 1993 Vicky Metcalf Short Story Award and the author of the immensely popular novel Yuletide Blues, comes a stunning new collection of short fiction that will move you to both laughter and tears

The Crying Jesus

By R.P. MacIntyre

Winner of the 1998 Saskatoon Book Award "In this, his second collection, Rod MacIntyre nabs us in every first paragraph . . . The Crying Jesus is a fine adult read for those of us who can face looking back. It’s an even finer young adult read for those who can face looking ... Read more

Up All Night

Edited by R.P. MacIntyre

Up All Night is the result of Thistledown’s latest young adult short story competition, which in the past has produced the best-selling, award-winning collections.

Edited by R. P. MacIntyre, one of Canada’s foremost editors and writers of young adult fiction, this collection ... Read more

Weeds and Other Stories

By Jacqueline Pearce

In Weeds and Other Stories you will find bullies and mystical coyotes, environmental warriors, loners, clowns, and the best of friends; and, of course, some fresh takes on teen relationships. With an ear tuned to teen dialogue, and an eye for precise emotional detail, Jacqueline ... Read more