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Ralph, Flying Hound

By Dave Paddon
Illustrated by alex kolano

In the tradition of Robert Service's poetic tall tales, Dave Paddon's Ralph, Flying Hound brings readers a hilarious recitation about a dog that just won't give up. Along with his canine comrades, Ralph chases anything that moves, and usually catches it too. But when his aspirations ... Read more

The Sniger and the Floose

By Ashley Fayth
Illustrated by Katie Brosnan

In this delightful nonsense poem, Ashley Fayth introduces readers to a range of “wild and wondrous” beasts—like the sniger, the floose, the squffin, and the butterflabbit. With its playful rhymes and rollicking rhythm, this book is a perfect read-aloud. Yet even in its ... Read more

The Wolf is Back

By Robert Priest
Illustrated by Joan Krygsman

Robert Priest returns to children's poetry in this lively collection, where he puts his pen to creating rhymes about "People Like You and Me," and shows how everyone can make a difference in the world. From the builders of ancient Sumer to the return of wolves to Yellowstone ... Read more

Thirty Poems for Children

By Jawdat Fakhreddine
Translated by Huda J. Fakhreddine

With vivid imagery and an appealing use of Arabic meters and rhymes, the poems in this book explore nature, family, school, play, and boundless world of the imagination. The diverse themes and sounds in Thirty Poems for Children cultivate cognitive and contemplative senses along ... Read more

Trente poèmes pour enfants

By Jawdat Fakhreddine
Translated by Leïla Tahir

Avec des images vivantes et une utilisation attrayante des mesures et des rimes arabes, les poèmes explorent la nature, la famille, l'école, le jeu et le monde illimité de l'imagination. Les thèmes variés du livre cultivent les sens cognitifs et contemplatifs des enfants, ... Read more

Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines

By Joshua Goudie & Craig Goudie

A dark, fantastical collection of narrative poems that draw on unique elements of Newfoundland and Labrador culture and folklore.

Intended to be read aloud, Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines draws on Newfoundland and Labrador’s long tradition of lyric storytelling, making ... Read more