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Danny, King of the Basement

By David S. Craig
Introduction by Walter Pitman
Preface by Richard Greenblatt

In two years, Danny and his mom have moved more often than most kids lose teeth. ..

When Danny moves into a new basement apartment, the kids he meets seem to have way more problems than just being hungry. But Danny’s imagination creates a community that allows his friends to ... Read more


By Heather Fitzsimmons-Frey

A groundbreaking new collection, Ignite: Illuminating Theatre for Young People gathers three plays for young audiences that feature “messy” and complicated creation processes: The Middle Place by Andrew Kushnir, verbatim theatre created from interview transcripts with shelter ... Read more

In the Freedom of Dreams

By Michael A. Miller
Introduction by Kathlee Lundy

In the Freedom of Dreams: The Story of Nelson Mandela explores the vivid world of Rolihlahla Nelson Madiba Mandela's childhood in the village of Qunu. It takes us to the rough and tumble world of Johannesburg in the years before World War II, the harshness of the Robben Island ... Read more


By Dennis Foon

Tessa, Damon, and Keegan share the same band class and the same passion: their pets. When Tessa loses her beloved dog Joey, the event challenges and transforms not only the three children, but the adults in their lives as well.

Heartwarming and humorous, Kindness sensitively ... Read more

My Family and Other Endangered Species

By Ellen Close & Braden Griffiths

Nine-year-old Phineas interprets the world through his encyclopedic knowledge of animals, but some human behaviour is just too puzzling. Take for example his mom, who insists he learn to fall asleep on his own, even though all young mammals sleep with their mothers; or his dad, ... Read more

New Canadian Kid/Invisible Kids

By Dennis Foon

New Canadian Kid is the story of Nick, a young boy from an imaginary country called Homeland who moves to Canada with his family. There, he is forced to grapple with his fears of a new culture and language, as well as hostile classmates who taunt him for being different. One ... Read more


By Paul Dunn

Daniel’s ready to talk. And his friends Krystina and Jeremy are ready to help. But is it too late? Set in separate but simultaneous lunch periods at two different high schools, the teenagers are faced with acknowledging what drove them apart. At his new school, Daniel speaks ... Read more


By Dennis Foon

Fifteen-year-old Rick Hansen is confident, outgoing, and the star of his high-school basketball team. He has his whole life planned out, until a tragic accident severs his spinal cord, leaving him in a wheelchair. Rick's accident forces him to adapt his positivity to deal with ... Read more

Sangeet and the Missing Beat

By Kiranjot Kaur
Illustrated by Kiranjot Kaur

Sangeet loves music, and she's good at composing it, too. Her favourite instrument is the tabla. One day, Sangeet hears all kinds of noises everywhere and together, they have the most incredible beat. But when she tries to play it on her tabla--something is missing! Will Sangeet ... Read more


By Kim Selody
By (composer) Denis Gougeon

Shade is a young Silverwing bat, the runt of his colony, determined to prove himself on the long and dangerous winter migration to Hibernaculum, millions of wingbeats to the south. During a storm, Shade is swept out over the ocean—away from his family, his friends, and the ... Read more