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Meshom and the Little One

By Elaine Wagner
Illustrated by Marie-Micheline Hamelin

After ten-year-old Shawna moves to the West Coast with her mother, she misses Meshom (her grandfather) but is surprised when he arrives for her birthday.

Nootka Sound In Harmony

By Spencer Sheehan-Kalina
Illustrated by Kim Nixon

Metis author, Spencer Sheehan-Kalina, uses poetry to highlight the beauty of the Nootka Sound and the animals who live there. Each verse of this beautifully illustrated book has an adjoining page of Indigenousl connections to the poem's content. We are grateful for the support ... Read more

Patrick and the Backhoe

By Howard White
Illustrated by Bus Griffiths

Beautifully illustrated by BC folk hero Bus Griffiths who wrote and illustrated the popular comic book Now You're Logging, Patrick and the Backhoe is a classic story of decency and guts triumphing over arrogance and greed.

Patrick lives in a little town on the side of a high ... Read more

Racin' Jason

By Elaine Wagner
Illustrated by Janet Kaszonyi

Racin' Jason is an uplifting tale of one orphan boy's unwavering faith in the abandoned Appaloosa colt that he raises and transforms into a racehorse. Jason develops a special bond with the colt that he names Binesi, or Thunderbird, for the noise his hooves will one day make ... Read more

Salmon Boy

By Donna Joe
Illustrated by Charlie Craigan

In Salmon Boy: A Legend of the Sechelt People, a young boy is captured by a Chum salmon and brought to the country of the salmon people-a dry land beneath water where "the salmon people walked about the same as people do above the sea." The boy lived with them for one year, ... Read more

Smoke That Thunders

By P.J. Reece

What is young David Livingstone doing on the run in Africa, with his mother’s credit card in his pocket and the Tanzanian police in hot pursuit? And what is he doing on Hell Road, a potholed obstacle course to the Zambian border, where cannibals lie in wait – car cannibals ... Read more

Tangled in Time

By Lynn Fairbridge

Lynne Fairbridge's Tangled in Time presents a captivating story of a young girl's travel in time back to the harsh life of the Depression years. The novel opens in Edmonton with Janna's world being turned upside down when her mother tells her that she plans to remarry. Withdrawing ... Read more

Tenth Pupil, The

By Constance Horne

The Tenth Pupil, for readers eight to fourteen, is set in a small logging camp on Vancouver Island in 1934. Eleven-year-old Trudy Paige enjoys her life in Mellor's Camp. She has a loving family, a shaggy dog, friends, a swimming hole, a fishing stream, books to read, wild animals ... Read more

Terra Incognita

By Anne Metikosh

This young adult historical novel, set in the early seventeenth century, tells the story of Madeleine Hebert and her brother Philippe who travel to New France to join their father after their mother dies in France. On arriving in Quebec city, they learn that their father, with ... Read more

The Airplane Ride

By Howard White
Illustrated by Greta Guzek

"Recommended. .. 3 stars out of 4. "
-Stephanie Yamniuk, CM Magazine.

Since its publication in 1993, thousands of children have enjoyed the whimsical text and illustrations of The Ferryboat Ride and its companion volume, The Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book. These bestselling ... Read more