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I Built a Cabin

By Sara Jewell
Illustrated by Charlotte Manning

Eager for some peace and quiet, the main character of this tale in verse moves to the woods and builds a little cabin getaway. She's found the perfect retreat — or so she thinks until she meets her neighbours: an array of loud and lively creatures who crunch and crack and ... Read more

My Vancouver Sketchbook

By Robert Perry
Illustrated by Greta Guzek

To sketch Vancouver
From dawn until dark.
From Spanish Banks
To Stanley Park

As young artist Marina explores Vancouver from dawn to dusk, she records her impressions in her sketchbook. From Stanley Park to Granville Island, from Horseshoe Bay to Chinatown, Marina delights in the ... Read more

The Island

By Lori Doody

An island off the coast of another island is home to a small community; life is rich with joy and challenges, and the people who live there love their island home. One day they learn that the government will move them off the island, to new homes with modern conveniences like ... Read more

The Kingdon of No Worries

By Philip Roy

The Kingdom of No Worries is the story of three young friends who create their own kingdom on a piece of land that emerges in the middle of the river that runs through their city. Inspired by their actions to create a democracy that is a model of social tolerance and global ... Read more