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Capelin Weather

By Lori Doody

Kate is excited for the beginning of summer, but all this rain, drizzle, and fog is no fun. "Capelin weather" her grandmother declares, setting Kate on the lookout for the silvery fish whose arrival ushers in the summer. Can you find the hidden capelin?

Lola Flies Alone

By Bill Richardson
Illustrated by Bill Pechet

Awarding-winning author Bill Richardson and illustrator Bill Pechet team up again with Lola Flies Alone, a delightful story about a young airline passenger who has even more imagination than she has style—and she has plenty of that. Lola’s first unaccompanied flight is beset ... Read more

Mouse Vacation

By Philip Roy
Illustrated by Andrea Torrey Balsara

In this fourth volume of the beloved "Happy the Pocket Mouse" picture book series, Happy and his human friend John debate as to where their next adventure should take them. John suggests a walk through the forest or a visit to the museum, but these are too lacklustre for Happy's ... Read more

Nanny's Kitchen Party

By Rebecca North
Illustrated by Laurel Keating

"Where in this racket can Nanny be?

When you get invited to a kitchen party at your grandmother’s house, there may be certain things you don’t expect to find: like moose and foxes and bears! In this exciting, playful romp through a Newfoundland ... Read more

The Rock Box

By Don McKay
Illustrated by Sally McKay

Petra loves rocks, and collects them with a passion. She keeps them in her bedroom, in the kitchen cupboards, between the cushions of the living-room sofa, even in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Petra’s parents do not love rocks. At least, not as much as Petra does. To convince ... Read more

The Secret of Bowring Park

By Christine Gordon Manley
Illustrated by Laurel Keating

Every child who has ever visited the Peter Pan statue in Bowring Park, St. John's, swears it is magic. They know that the mice, squirrels, rabbits, and fairies are never in the same place as the last time they visited. Some say they've seen Peter wink at them, and others believe ... Read more

The Sniger and the Floose

By Ashley Fayth
Illustrated by Katie Brosnan

In this delightful nonsense poem, Ashley Fayth introduces readers to a range of “wild and wondrous” beasts—like the sniger, the floose, the squffin, and the butterflabbit. With its playful rhymes and rollicking rhythm, this book is a perfect read-aloud. Yet even in its ... Read more