Horror & Ghost Stories

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Connect the Scotts

By Evan Munday


Is the fourth time a charm for October and her ghost detective friends? While investigating the cause of the long-dead Tabetha Scott’s death way back in the 1860s, October and the Dead Kids discover that Sticksville, Ontario, served as an endpoint for the Underground Railroad, ... Read more

Dial M for Morna

By Evan Munday

As the Dead Kid Detective Agency embarks on its second (mis)adventure, October Schwartz and her five deadest friends are back, turning over metaphoric rocks and finding the centipedes underneath. In this latest volume, set against a backdrop of yuletide pandemonium, they discover ... Read more

Ghost Most Foul

By Patti Grayson

Summer has just been made captain of her junior high school basketball team when her coach is ?lost' in a plane crash. Returning to school, Summer discovers:a) the most popular all-star player's step-dad is now the coach, and he's a jerkb) the team's already working hard to ... Read more

Midnight Games, The

By David Neil Lee

Winner of the Kerry Schooley Award 2016

When Nate sneaks into Ivor Wynne Stadium to check out the midnight games that are keeping his neighbourhood up at night, he knew something wasn't right, but he had no idea how strange, and deadly, things would be. In this thrilling young ... Read more