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Ghost of Heroes Past

By Charles Reid

Thirteen-year-old Johnny Anders is something of a misfit, with no friends and a poor school record, but all this begins to change when he is awakened one night to find a soldier-ghost in his bedroom. Johnny is taken back to meet a series of unusual heroes in Canada's war history. ... Read more

Hurricanes over London

By Charles Reid

Browsing in his grandfather's study, young Jamie discovers a notebook entitled "This Was My War" and finds himself pulled into the life of East End London teenagers whose adolescent years were overtaken by the devastation of World War II. As Jamie follows his grandfather's story ... Read more

Soldier Boys

By David Richards

If you enjoy a mixture of history and fiction, this account of the Battle of Fish Creek is for you.

&quotSoldier Boys is a novel which transforms the Northwest Rebellion from a history lesson into a human drama.&quot NeWest Review.

Survivor's Leave

By Robert Sutherland

It's 1944, and two young Canadian able seamen, Glen Cassley and Arthur "Ding Dong" Bell, find their ship sinking beneath them after a German submarine unleashes an acoustic torpedo. Miraculously, everyone on board survives, and Glen shouts out triumphantly:"You know what this ... Read more