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Hurricanes over London

By Charles Reid

Browsing in his grandfather's study, young Jamie discovers a notebook entitled "This Was My War" and finds himself pulled into the life of East End London teenagers whose adolescent years were overtaken by the devastation of World War II. As Jamie follows his grandfather's story ... Read more

If This Is Freedom

By Gloria Ann Wesley

If This Is Freedom continues the story of struggle for Loyalist settlers in Nova Scotia after the American Revolutionary War. In the black settlement of Birchtown, times are especially hard for the former slaves. They face the difficulties of a hardscrabble existence and continued ... Read more

Journal, The

By Lois Donovan

This novel begins when 13-year-old Kami, the daughter of a Japanese-Canadian mother and a Scottish-Canadian father, moves with her mother from Vancouver to Edmonton. Here she hopes to reunite with the father who appears to have abandoned her. While rummaging through family boxes, ... Read more

Kou-Skelowh/We are the People

Illustrated by Barbara Marchand

A collection of original legends told in a strong rhythmic language, this new revised edition of Kou-Skelowh/We Are the People features the Okanagan language and uses stories to teach readers about the values of sharing, self-sacrifice and reverence for life in all forms.

Old Brown Suitcase, The

By Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

The Old Brown Suitcase, an award winning book that has sold extraordinarily well both nationally and internationally, now appears in a new edition by Ronsdale Press. The novel narrates the absorbing story of a young girl who survived the Holocaust against all odds.At age fourteen, ... Read more

Railroad of Courage

By Dan Rubenstein
With Nancy Dyson

Born on a cotton plantation in South Carolina, twelve-year-old Rebecca knows only slavery. But when Grower Brown decides to sell her father to a plantation downriver, Rebecca convinces her parents to run away with her on the Underground Railroad to Canada. Led by the famous ... Read more

Red Goodwin

By John Wilson

John Wilson has created a compelling story based on the folk hero, Albert "Ginger" Goodwin, also known as "Red" Goodwin from the colour of his hair and his radical social ideas. Goodwin was originally a miner from the north of England, who came to Canada and took up the cause ... Read more

Redcoats and Renegades

By Barry McDivitt

In the 1870s, a teenage criminal from New York makes history when he becomes the first person arrested by Canada's newly created national police force - the original RCMP.
Following this encounter, he unwillingly accompanies the North West Mounted Police on their 1874 expedition ... Read more

Soldier Boys

By David Richards

If you enjoy a mixture of history and fiction, this account of the Battle of Fish Creek is for you.

&quotSoldier Boys is a novel which transforms the Northwest Rebellion from a history lesson into a human drama.&quot NeWest Review.

Sophie, In Shadow

By Eileen Kernaghan

It’s 1914. Sixteen year old Sophie Pritchard, orphaned two years earlier by the sinking of the SS Titanic, is about to begin a new life in the unfamiliar world of British India. For Sophie, still devastated by her parents’ death, India proves a dangerously unsettling environment. ... Read more