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An Artist's Journey

By Mizouni Bannani
Translated by Nouha Homad

An Artist's Journey emphasises the values of loyalty and belonging to one's homeland, speaking to teens in an eloquent and beautiful language while raising contemporary issues of immigration and problems faced by expatriates, as well as the value of art and cultural integration. ... Read more

Anything But Hank

By Zachariah Wells
Illustrated by Eric Orchard & Eric Orchard

In Anything but Hank! Lebowitz and Wells combine the whimsical humour of Lewis Carroll with the adventure-narrative balladeering of Robert Service to spin an unforgettable tale of a baby--and a pig!--in search of a name. Their quest takes them from the city to the mountains, ... Read more

Blood and Stars

By Jaime Lee Mann

Thirteen-year-old Ariana Caine has woken in Coraira, and is torn between finding her brother Asher and learning how to rule the magic realm while Calla is under a protection spell. Beneath the sea, Starla the mer-queen is bringing her apprentice, Teagan, to the Chamber of Memories ... Read more

Chaos in Halifax

By Cathy Beveridge

"I wish I wasn't a twin. " Twelve-year-old Jolene is determined to find independence from her brother, Michael, during a family trip to research the Halifax explosion of 1917 for her father's Museum of Disasters. When her grandfather finds a time crease into the past, Jolene ... Read more

Dream Helmet

By William New
Illustrated by Vivian Bevis

Join the children in this delightful picture book, children who dream of skateboarding through the galaxy, of meeting a guitar-playing hippopotamus, of feeding a baby brother who eats EXPLOSIVELY! Find the knock-kneed knight! Travel to Saskatchewan "without your socks and sandals ... Read more

Emperor's Panda, The

By David Day
Illustrated by Eric Beddows

This original fairy tale is set in the time of China's ancient celestial empire when the world was filled with a multitude of wonderful and mythical creatures. It is the story of the first panda the world has ever seen, Lord Beishung, "the rarest, most magical and wisest of ... Read more

Faster Than Wind

By Steve Pitt

Short-listed for the Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award, 2010
It is 1900, and 14-year-old Bertie McCross is a newspaper boy in downtown Toronto. Berties family has fallen on hard times and can use every penny he brings home from hawking newspapers on the frigid streets. ... Read more

His Sweet Favour

By Diane Tucker
Edited by Perry Millar

Grade twelve students Favour, Leith, Brady, Maryruth, and Rick are best friends. They all love to act and are eager for their final high school production. Before it begins, however, Leith rattles the group?s harmony. He stumbles on five light?emanating figures, who have a message ... Read more

I Like Who I Am

By Tara White
Illustrated by Lee Claremont

Celina is a young Mohawk girl who moves to her mother's home reserve. She is teased by her classmates who tell her that she is not Mohawk and does not belong because she has blond hair and blue eyes. Celina starts to believe her classmates and decides not to dance at an upcoming ... Read more

Island Kids

By Tara Saracuse

This is a history of British Columbia’s island children, told in their voices, from their perspectives. Composed of twenty-two stories, Island Kids is a snapshot of a period and place in time. The topics range from quintessentially coastal experiences, like a day at the beach, ... Read more