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By Philippa Dowding

"I'm Mann, just Mann. "

The world is slowly recovering after environmental collapse, and the children of the automated, domed city of Oculum have begun to awaken. Miranda, William and the 998 other children wake to tend the fruit trees and gardens behind the thick, opaque walls ... Read more

Oculum Echo

By Philippa Dowding

The explosions come in the night.

Miranda1, Mannfred, Grannie, and the one thousand children of Oculum must flee their farm, chased by the UnRuly. But there is hope: an old friend sends word of a book that may hold the secret to their survival.

Just as they begin their journey ... Read more

Pickles vs. the Zombies

By Angela Misri

Winner of the 22nd Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award - English Fiction


The comfortable life of Pickles, the calico housecat, is turned upside down when humans succumb to a zombie apocalypse. She doesn’t know where her “pet” – human child Connor – has gone, ... Read more


By C.K. Kelly Martin

Naomi doesn't expect anything unusual from her annual family trip to visit her grandparents in Ireland. What she expects is to celebrate her thirteenth birthday, hang out with her friends Ciara and Shehan, and deal with her gran's Alzheimer's. What she finds is a country hit ... Read more

The Meadowlands

By Kate Kelly

The Meadowlands is a young adult dystopian fantasy following the adventures of four children who come from a near future dominated by institutions, technology, and state control. Children are raised in state homes and have no concept of family, with the exception of Terran and ... Read more


By Angela Misri

Being the greatest zombie fighter of all time is a lot for one animal, but Emmy’s the perfect hamster for the job. Fire, rage, and fury are her weapons of choice and woe to the undead human who crosses her path. That is, until the mammals she lives with invite a weasel, of ... Read more