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Kai's Tea Eggs

By Karina Zhou

An endearing and beautifully illustrated children's book about learning to embrace our heritage and celebrating what makes us unique.

Multicultural Day is coming up at school, and Kai is nervous about sharing her family's Chinese food with her classmates. Kai's mother is excited ... Read more

kisepāyāwi nikamowin nanāskamowin kistikān

By Randy Morin
Illustrated by Shaniqua Ndiaye

Morning Song is a Cree girl who lives on a reserve. She does not like to eat vegetables because she thinks they are not important and do not taste good. One day, she goes on a walk and stumbles upon a magic garden where vegetables can talk. Morning Song meets carrots, cabbage, ... Read more

Meennunyakaa / Blueberry Patch

By Jennifer Leason
Edited by Norman Chartrand

Based in Duck Bay, Manitoba, in the 1940s, an Elder shares his experience of packing up to go out to collect blueberries, a traditional gathering that took place every summer. He describes the journey and landscape with humor and such vivid imagery that readers will see themselves ... Read more