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Animalphabetical Adventures

Illustrated by Kinga White

After having children of her own she rediscovered the magic and adventure in children's books. Highly passionate about little people and creating memorable experiences for them through the world of stories, she wrote and illustrated her debut book, Animalphabetical Adventures ... Read more

Capelin Weather

By Lori Doody

Kate is excited for the beginning of summer, but all this rain, drizzle, and fog is no fun. "Capelin weather" her grandmother declares, setting Kate on the lookout for the silvery fish whose arrival ushers in the summer. Can you find the hidden capelin?

Dah Dzāhge Esigits

By Angela Dennis, Regina Louie, Odeila Dennis, Hostełmā Pauline Hawkins, Edōsdi Judy Thompson
Illustrated by Peter Morin, Una-Ann Moyer, and Tsēma Igharas

In this illustrated children’s title, the Tāłtān alphabet is featured along with the 47 sounds of the Tāłtān language. The Tāłtān Alphabet portrayed in Dah Dzahge Esigits: We Write Our Language is a resource for learners to match sounds to symbols. It is also for those ... Read more