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Anything But Hank

By Zachariah Wells
Illustrated by Eric Orchard & Eric Orchard

In Anything but Hank! Lebowitz and Wells combine the whimsical humour of Lewis Carroll with the adventure-narrative balladeering of Robert Service to spin an unforgettable tale of a baby--and a pig!--in search of a name. Their quest takes them from the city to the mountains, ... Read more

Brovko's Amazing Journey

By Larry Warwaruk

Join Brovko on a wild adventureOall the way to a brand new world! Can Brovko's family really be leaving him behind as they go to make a new life in Canada? 12-year-old Andrei is furious and upset at having to leave his wonderful companion behind n and Brovko isn't happy either. ... Read more

Butterpup Meets Allie

By Miles Davis

Welcome to Grandma’s Backyard and the wonderful world of Butterpup & Friends! In this colourful tale, Butterpup learns about forgiveness and friendship with his new friend, Allie. Join in the adventure as the Backyard Buddies discover they have a new neighbour. Playtime will ... Read more

Cyril the Seagull

Illustrated by Kim La Fave
By Patricia Lines

Young Cyril the Seagull has an embarrassing problem: he gets seasick. But then there is a fierce storm off the west coast of BC and Cyril has a chance to prove himself.

Einstein Dog

By Craig Spence

Bertrand Smith’s father, Alex, thinks he’s making the world a better place by developing a breed of super-intelligent canines. But SMART dogs turn out not to be such a smart idea when a global arms dealer decides to “dognap” the experimental litter to use as his next ... Read more