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In the Black

By B. Denham Jolly


Winner of the 2017 Toronto Book Award

A remarkable memoir about achieving prosperity in the face of relentless prejudice

In the Black traces B. Denham Jolly’s personal and professional struggle for a place in a country where Black Canadians have faced systematic discrimination. ... Read more

The Compassionate Conspiracy

By Dr. Philip Johnson

As the world around us gasps for breath in an environment of unprecedented complexity and need, we find ourselves overwhelmed and asking is there anything we can do to make a difference? The Compassionate Conspiracy answers with a resounding Yes and serves as a practical guide ... Read more

Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian

By Jean François Ménard
With Marie Malchelosse
Foreword by Laurent Duvernay-Tardif


The global pandemic has completely disrupted how, where, and when we work and added tremendous pressure to individuals and their families. Learn how to refocus and achieve your full potential from one of the world’s top mental performance coaches. In Train (Your Brain) Like ... Read more

Workday Warrior

By Ann Gomez

Reclaim control of your workday with a proven time-saving method.

Life is busier than ever before. We are working longer hours, with more stress and more priorities, yet we seem to fall further and further behind. Our so-called leisure time is punctuated with interruptions, ... Read more