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By Lisa van de Geyn
With Vivian Leung

You’ve taken the pregnancy tests, made the big announcement and you’ve probably caught a glimpse of your baby on a sonogram. Congratulations! You’ve got a bundle of joy on the way and the one thing you’re probably not prepared for is the bundle of money it’s going ... Read more

My Blue Haven

By Alex Doulis


Offshore. Tax avoidance. Swiss numbered bank accounts. These very words make tax collectors, lawyers and fraudsters gasp. And yet, as Alex Doulis vividly illustrates in My Blue Haven, they are also incorrectly associated with criminal activity.

In this easy-to-read narrative, ... Read more

Retirement Income for Life

By Frederick Vettese


Canada’s #1 bestselling retirement income book is now completely revised and updated. Vettese will show you how to mitigate risk and secure your financial future in these unpredictable times.

As COVID-19 rocks the economy in an unprecedented black swan event, retirees and ... Read more

The Canadian Snowbird in America

By Terry F. Ritchie

Thisguide providesa comprehensive overview of financial-management issues for Canadians living in the United Statesin clear and simple Language.Facingunique and challengingtax and financial-planning considerations in each country, this referencehas