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Canadian's Guide to Money-Smart Living

By Kelley Keehn

A Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living will help the reader to understand how to live money-smart, providing step-by-step instructions on how to take control of his or her financial future. Many of us feel that managing our money and financial future is hard work and out ... Read more

Give Smart

By Elaine Ricker Kelly

Written for anyone who is tired of fundraising appeals or may be looking to have more impact with their charitable giving dollar, this book uses engaging dialogue to demonstrate a comprehensive collection of charitable giving strategies available to Canadians today.

Health, Wealth and Happiness

By David Singh
With Albert E. D?Souza

David Singh details his fascinating life from poverty in the jungles of Guyana to the helm of Fortune Financial, once Canada’s largest financial planning company. His new venture, Destiny Health Solutions, uncovers the links between health and wealth that can empower you to ... Read more

Love and Money

By Wallace M. Howick

Winner of the 2021 EIFLE Awards Adult Book of the Year: General

None of the millions of poems and songs speak of matters financial when it comes to love and marriage. Or, if they do, the tone isn’t serious. But while love and marriage may go together like a horse and carriage, ... Read more

Raising Money-Smart Kids

By Robin Taub

Raise money-smart kids while learning a few things yourself . . .

Do you feel a responsibility to teach your kids about money, but also feel you lack the knowledge, time, or confidence to do it well? You’re not alone. Teaching kids about money is easier said than done, especially ... Read more

Retire Early and Wealthy

By David Singh

David Singh is widely admired as the creator of Fortune Financial, the #1 financial planning firm in Canada in the 1990s, and Infinity, a highly successful family of mutual funds. His new book, Retire Early and Wealthy, provides intriguing and much needed advice on everything ... Read more

Taking Care of Your Money

By Brian Costello

Offering straightforward, ?kitchen-table” advice by one of Canada`s leading specialists on personal finance, this book will discuss how to protect your nest egg and maximize your capital gains opportunities while you build for your future.

The American in Canada

By Brian D. Wruk & Terry F. Ritchie

For Americans either contemplating a move or already living in Canada, this reference answers all the questions necessary to successfully plan the transition, including immigration planning, customs planning, cash management, income tax planning, retirement, wills and estates, ... Read more

The Canadian in America

By Brian D. Wruk

Focusing on eight key areas of financial planning?from immigration and customs planning to estate planning and investments?this guide provides indispensable information for any Canadian contemplating or planning a move or already living in the United States. Detailing the significant ... Read more

The Canadian in America, Revised

By Brian D. Wruk

The definitive guide to crossing the border and calling America home — revised and updated with even more timely tax tips

Hundreds of thousands of ex-Canadians live south of the border. The similarity in culture can lead Canadians to mistakenly think that the U.S.’s taxes, ... Read more