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Forever Barbie

By M.G. Lord

Was Barbie the first feminist doll? She always worked in interesting positions, never married, never had a child, and never did house work. Yet today, many women who played with Barbie when they were children consider her to be an inappropriate role model, although these same ... Read more

The Proximity Paradox

By Kiirsten May & Alex Varricchio


You’re too close to your business, and it’s killing your creativity

Traditional business structures love stability and predictability. Yet many organizations believe the two essential ingredients for long-term success are creativity and innovation. Kiirsten May and Alex ... Read more

Winning with the Caller from Hell

By Shaun Belding

?Callers from Hell ? they scream, sob, and sometimes they’re so incoherent you can’t understand them! Shaun Belding’s new book tells you how to help defuse conflict, identifies effective strategies such as lift (Listen to your customer; Involve yourself; Focus on the issue; ... Read more