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Billion Dollar Start-Up

By Adam Miron, Sébastien St-Louis, and Julie Beun
Foreword by Don Wright


It only took five years for two brothers-in-law to create a billion-dollar, award-winning, take-no-prisoners cannabis company called HEXO. How did they do it? That’s the story.

From early roadblocks and devastating personal and financial setbacks to explosive growth and ... Read more

Entrepreneurial Edge 3-Book Bundle

By Fred Dawkins

A three-book bundle of essential advice for budding entrepreneurs, coming from one of the best in business.

Everyday Entrepreneur – #1
Tim, whose career is stagnating despite his having a good job, has developed some software that could be the basis of his own successful ... Read more


By Drew de Kergommeaux
Foreword by Arlene Dickinson

Advice and guidance for all entrepreneurs venturing out on their journey of brainstorm to breakthrough, Fearless is the essential manual for success for entrepreneurs in Canada Canada is a nation built on the hard work and ingenuity of individuals bold enough to brave harsh ... Read more

Food Fight Inc.

By Bruno Codispoti

Over the past two decades, Bruno Codispoti has crafted and launched over 100 unique retail food products into the North American marketplace. He's experienced both sweet successes and his fair share of agonizing food flops. After years of offering consult and the occasional ... Read more

Miles to Millions

By Bill Grenier

When he became a commercial pilot at age nineteen, Bill Grenier never imagined that one day he'd be captain of the largest commercial plane the world had seen, flying the highest profile routes of a proud national carrier. Even less could he have imagined, at age nineteen and ... Read more

Unicorn in the Woods

By Gordon Pitts

A Globe and Mail Top 100 Selection
A CBC New Brunswick Book List Selection

As tech investors the world over search for elusive unicorns (start-ups valued at over $1 billion), acclaimed business journalist Gordon Pitts asks whether there can be a place for high-tech innovation ... Read more