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Fair Trade

By Éric St-Pierre

Through the use of lush, light-filled landscapes, intimate and intriguing portraits, and delicately detailed stories, this riveting and visually stunning work carries us across continents and around the globe to understand and comprehend the complexities of the human journey ... Read more

Restorying Indigenous Leadership

Edited by Cora Voyageur, Laura Brearley, and Brian Calliou

Restorying Indigenous Leadership: Wise Practices in Community Development, 2nd edition is a foundational resource of the most recent scholarship on Indigenous leadership. The authors in this anthology share their research through nonfictional narratives, innovative approaches ... Read more

The Maverick Effect

By George Verdolaga

The Maverick Effect shows people how to implement change and become successful without the supposed advantages that others have. Readers will discover how not having wealth or connections can actually be a blessing in disguise, and how to set the trends that opinion leaders ... Read more