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Dancing With Robots

By Bill Bishop

Survive and thrive in a world being taken over by robots and other advanced technology.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, blockchains, the Internet of Things, big data analytics, 5G networks, self-driving cars, robotics, 3D printing. In the coming years, ... Read more

Entrepreneurial Edge 3-Book Bundle

By Fred Dawkins

A three-book bundle of essential advice for budding entrepreneurs, coming from one of the best in business.

Everyday Entrepreneur – #1
Tim, whose career is stagnating despite his having a good job, has developed some software that could be the basis of his own successful ... Read more

Food Fight Inc.

By Bruno Codispoti

What do Jamie Oliver, Pope Saint John Paul II, Sammy Hagar, and *NSYNC have in common? They all play a role in Food Fight Inc. , a colourful collection of Bruno Codispoti's sweet successes and sour lemons in his two-decade-long efforts to bring unique retail food products to ... Read more

Hard to Be Human

By Ted Cadsby

Powerful strategies to combat the design flaws of the human brain that make life in the twenty-first century unreasonably difficult.
If other animals could study us the way we study them, they would be puzzled by our unique ability to inflict misery on ourselves. We expend ... Read more

Love and Money

By Wallace M. Howick

Winner of the 2021 EIFLE Awards Adult Book of the Year: General

None of the millions of poems and songs speak of matters financial when it comes to love and marriage. Or, if they do, the tone isn’t serious. But while love and marriage may go together like a horse and carriage, ... Read more

Shifting the Balance

By Mark Schrutt


Digital transformation expert Mark Schrutt reveals how the world’s top companies are using vast amounts of data to inform their decisions, disrupt industries, and get closer to their customers. Businesses that continue to rely only on intuition do so at their peril.

What ... Read more

The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide

By Benj Gallander

For anyone contemplating starting a small business with potential sales of a few thousand dollars up to the two million level, and for those who currently run their own businesses, this is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide available.

The Canadian Small Business Survival ... Read more