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A History of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

By Rod McQueen
Foreword by Victor Dodig


How does a venerable institution adapt quickly to sometimes volatile global markets and shifting domestic demands of the late twentieth century?

In A History of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Volume 5 1973–1999, the story of CIBC unfolds amidst a backdrop of world-changing ... Read more

Billion Dollar Start-Up

By Adam Miron, Sébastien St-Louis, and Julie Beun
Foreword by Don Wright


It only took five years for two brothers-in-law to create a billion-dollar, award-winning, take-no-prisoners cannabis company called HEXO. How did they do it? That’s the story.

From early roadblocks and devastating personal and financial setbacks to explosive growth and ... Read more


Edited by Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto

Celebration is a collection of interviews with some of the most successful Canadian female entrepreneurs and artists of Italian origin. Created by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto, the book features a preface by Elizabeth Bigsby, vice president of human resources for ... Read more

Death Spiral

By William A Urseth

Charting the rise and fall of three prolific organizations, this shocking account centers on Cinar Films, a children's television programming company whose founders became multi-millionaires when it went public. Despite this success, one of the CEOs gradually invested an additional ... Read more


By David Folster

Nothing says love like a box of delectable chocolates. And selling love is how Ganong, famous for its century-old Delecto brand, became one of the world's leading candy-makers. Ganong: A Sweet History of Chocolate is an illustrated history of the family and its business, from ... Read more

Grace Helen Mowat and the Making of Cottage Craft

By Diana Rees
With Ronald Rees

Knitting is a booming pastime, enjoying a resurgence of interest, spawning books, movies, a brisk online trade in wool and knitted goods — even trade fairs. In Canada, Cottage Craft has long held a strong reputation for its fine wool, dyed to the palette of the local landscape, ... Read more


By Catherine C. Cole

Winner, Alberta Historical Resources Foundation Heritage Award, Canadian Museums Association Outstanding Achievement in Publications, and Redgees Legacy Award
Shortlisted, Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize

Remember pearl-snap Western shirts, Scrubbies jeans, and denim ... Read more

Picture Perfect

By Robert Black & Marnie Maguire

One of Canada's most successful homegrown buisnesses, Black's Photography grew from a single store to a national, and international, chain. Robert Black, the former Vice President, weaves his own, and his family's, story into the history of the company. Beginning with his great-grandparents, ... Read more

Tales from Under the Rim

By Ron Buist

A National Bestseller. Now available in paperback.

"On a Rrrroll! You may not be familiar with Ron Buist, but you know his handiwork. " — The Ottawa Citizen.

Tales from Under the Rim is a behind-the-scenes look at a simple business that became a Canadian icon. Tales from Under ... Read more

Ticket Masters

By Dean Budnick & Josh Baron

?In the spring of 1975 a trio of neophyte businessmen backed an old Chrysler onto a sun-baked Arizona driveway and convened in their new office. The garage start-up, dubbed Ticketmaster, would come to achieve such market dominance over the following decades some critics would ... Read more