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50 Steps to Business Success

By Peter M. Cleveland

Here is a master plan for leaders who want to know the dynamic, proven techniques any business leader?from the fruit stand owner to the Fortune 500 chairman?must use to build a successful entrepreneurial enterprise. At the heart of this program is a fundamental belief in the ... Read more

A Guide to the Bookstores of Toronto

By Arthur Wenk & Peggy Warren-Wenk

As a guide to the more than 250 bookstores in the Toronto area, A Guide to the Bookstores of Toronto provides individual listings detailing location, contact information, store size, special services, and a brief description of each bookstore based on an actual visit by the ... Read more

A Maverick Investor’s Guidebook

By Mal Spooner

Maverick (mav-er-ik, mav-rik) (plural, mav-er-icks): an independent thinker who refuses to conform to the accepted view on a subject. Originally, the term referred to an animal that strayed from the herd. Our instincts drive us towards the herd, believing there’s safety in ... Read more

A Passion to Succeed

By David Singh

David Singh tells the inspiring story of his rise from abject poverty in the Third World to become the leader of Fortune Financial, once Canada's largest financial planning company. It all came crashing down, but Singh's drive and passion are now at the helm of his own bank, ... Read more

A Year with Minecraft

By Thomas Arnroth

In A Year with Minecraft, gaming journalist Thomas Arnroth brings you along for the ride in a gripping and entertaining story about how the shy and nerdy can become superstars in the age of video games. Go behind the scenes at the company responsible for this worldwide gaming ... Read more

Are We On Yet?

By Tommy Schnurmacher & Tommy Schnurmacher

Are We on Yet: Insider Tips on How to be Interviewed (and other essential media skills) teaches you how to be interviewed. Revealed by a veteran award-winning broadcaster, these tips will enhance your profits by giving you the ability to have radio and TV producers begging YOU ... Read more

Ask Your Mortgage Broker

By Blair Anderson

Ask your Mortgage Broker is based on real life stories and hard experience over the last 18 years of the Author. It was written to illuminate the residential mortgage broker industry in a Canadian context. Ask your Mortgage Broker can best be described as an expose of the Canadian ... Read more

At the Crossroads

By Abe Aamidor & Ted Evanoff

The U.S. auto industry has struck a brick wall. Can it get back on the road to recovery? At the Crossroads: Middle America and the Battle to Save the Car Industry argues that the Obama administration missed an historic opportunity in 2009 to launch a Manhattan Projectstyle effort ... Read more

Beyond Ego

By Art Horn
Foreword by Robert H Pitfield

It’s hard to get into the boardrooms and offices of some organizations because the egos of the leaders take up way too much space. And some say that’s good; it takes big egos to make things happens. Not so, according to Art Horn, an executive coach who leads a sales force ... Read more

Buon Appetito Toronto! The Influence of Italian Food in our City

Edited by Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario
Photographs by Rick O'Brien

Buon Appetito Toronto! is the story of how Italian-Canadian food culture has evolved in the city and how its influence has helped define our perceptions of what constitutes a good meal. From the convivial social dynamics of the Italian table, to the quest for the perfect coffee, ... Read more