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A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

By Judy Brown

A Journey of Spiritual Awakening: Harnessing Your Intuitive Gifts is both a biography and a teaching tool on how you can further your connection with the spirit world. Using her own life as an example, Judy Brown chronicles the difficult, violent journey she has faced. As a ... Read more

Bindy's Moon

By Lloyd Ratzlaff

In a series of reflections focussed on his uneducated yet hard-working Mennonite family and touching on childhood exploits from shoplifting and go-kart racing to the juvenile fear of dying (which spontaneously arises during the rehearsal for an elementary school Christmas concert), ... Read more

Body & Soul

Edited by Susan Scott

BODY & SOUL: STORIES FOR SKEPTICS AND SEEKERS is a spiritual journey through experiences that can be liberating but also awkward and sometimes even dangerous, because women are so often excluded from conversations about spirituality. Liberation comes with breaking that age-old ... Read more

Cascadia: The Elusive Utopia

Edited by Douglas Todd

This collection explores the unique spirituality and culture of Cascadia, which includes British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Envied around the world, Cascadia is famous for its mountains, evergreens, and livable cities. Less well known is that Cascadia is home to the least ... Read more

Disturbing the Buddha

By Barry Dempster

A beloved poet explores why life is so rich, even at the worst of times.


Disturbing the Buddha, Barry Dempster's fifteenth collection, is disarmingly conversational and, like the best conversations, it moves between reverence and irreverence, sincerity and irony as it grapples ... Read more

Drying the Bones

By Madeline Sonik

Alarming - edgy, often disturbing, and superbly written - these short stories illuminate the dark, troubled heart of human existence.

A young girl escapes the bonds of her abusive adopted mother. A woman does not leave her rotting apartment for over a month. A widower passes ... Read more

Finding New Goddesses

By Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.

Familiar ancient goddesses may help us deal with basic issues like love, prosperity, and health, but to whom do we turn to help us deal with modern-day concerns like parking, haircuts, and computers? With goddesses from A to Z, Finding New Goddesses presents a wildly imaginative ... Read more