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A Season of Loss, A Lifetime of Forgiveness

By John Manasso


Dan Snyder narrowly escaped being cut from his junior hockey team for two years in a row. That’s hardly the stuff that nhl careers are made of. But Snyder earned his spot on the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers roster through sheer force of will and strength of character, even ... Read more

Bang Your Head

By Dewey Robertson & Meredith Renwick

A much-loved character of U.S. and Canadian rope operas is revealed in this tale of the true-life events that led to the birth, life, and downfall of The Missing Link. The Link was a bizarre, seemingly primitive character, his body-builder`s physique juxtaposed with the dress ... Read more


By Steven Johnson, Heath McCoy, Irv Muchnick, and Greg Oliver

The life and alarming death of acclaimed professional wrestler Chris Benoit are explored in this timely and exhaustive biography. In June 2007 Benoit committed suicide after killing his wife and son, and the media coverage surrounding this event?as well as the facts of the case ... Read more

Best Canadian Sports Writing

Edited by Stacey May Fowles & Pasha Malla


38 pieces that will be remembered for seasons to come

For 25 years, sports journalists south of the border have been collected in best-of anthologies. With Best Canadian Sports Writing, editors Stacey May Fowles and Pasha Malla offer a long overdue rejoinder from the North, ... Read more


By Gary Michael Cappetta


They're held captive by the glamour and the grotesque of the oldest spectacle known to man. But the inquisitive public at large, along with a vast international network of pro wrestling aficionados, yearn for more than the intriguing soap opera scenarios and daring athleticism ... Read more

Break Point

By Vince Spadea & Dan Markowitz

Spanning 13 professional seasons, this colorful and personal account of one man's life on the grueling pro tennis circuit pulls no punches. As one of only two players over the age of 30 ranked in the top 20 players in the world, Spadea offers an inside perspective on his life ... Read more


By Larry Matysik & Barbara Goodish

Written by his best friend and widow, this compelling biography of international wrestling superstar ?BruiserÔ Brody provides an unparalleled look at his life and death. At 6ÒµÔ and a muscular 320 pounds, Brody was a giant in the ring who evoked fear in his opponents and ... Read more

Crash Test

By Chris Bye

A true-life story of crisis, love, transformation, and triumph set in the colorful, dangerous world of auto racing. Crash Test is Canadian race car driver Chris Bye’s story of his brother’s nearly fatal highway accident in North Carolina and epic struggle to recover from ... Read more

Death, Drugs, and Muscle

By Gregg Valentino & Nathan Jendrick

A behind-the-scenes look at the underground world of bodybuilding, this exposé¡©s a tragic tale of drugs, murder, and self-destruction. Detailing Gregg ValentinoÓ³ fame as ?the man whose biceps exploded,Ô this portrayal reveals how he quickly rose to the top of the weight-lifting ... Read more

Drawing Heat the Hard Way

By Larry Matysik

A personal and insightful look at the sport of wrestling, this memoir explores how and why professional wrestling captivates millions of loyal fans. Exposing how wrestling really works?how it is booked, promoted, reported on, and broadcast, as well as how steroids come into ... Read more