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A Priest in Hell

By Randall Radic

?Living in jail is like living in a foreign country. The customs and culture are different, almost alien, and so is the language.” A Priest in Hell is the compelling true story of life in the U.S. prison system. The book takes fodder for popular reality shows (like Cops) to ... Read more

Father August Brabant

By Jim McDowell

Father August Brabant (1845?1912) was the first Roman Catholic missionary to live and work among aboriginal people on the west coast of Vancouver Island during the colonial period. He endured long periods of isolation, built a number of log churches and undertook extraordinarily ... Read more

Midnight, Jesus & Me

By J. M. Blaine

This provocative, inspirational, and heartbreaking collection of true-life tales from megachurch counseling centers, drug rehabs, and graveyard shifts on the crisis-response team explores the toughest and darkest times of people’s lives. J. M. Blaine—a semiagnostic, evangelical ... Read more

No Time to Mourn

By Leon Kahn

Growing up Jewish in the little town, or shtetl, of Eisiskes near the Polish-Lithuanian border, Leon Kahn experienced a peaceful childhood until September 1, 1939 when Hitler's forces attacked Poland. Only sixteen years of age, Kahn watched as the women and children of his community ... Read more

Our Twelve Days Before Christmas

By Christopher White

A hilarious and moving account of one family’s frantic countdown to Christmas Eve. Follow in the author’s footsteps as he wrestles with giant Christmas trees, scrambles to get to his children’s concerts, is swallowed up by the mobs in the mall, sings his choirs first tentative ... Read more

Quiet Reformers

By Ian Macdonald & Betty O'Keefe

This lively biography of Bishop Edward Cridge and his wife Mary paints a vivid picture of early Victoria as it developed from an isolated Hudson's Bay Company post into the bustling capital of British Columbia. Recruited from England by Governor James Douglas in 1854 to be the ... Read more

Rogue Rabbi

By Jerry Steinberg

The fascinating story of a man whose exploration in spiritual existence has not been limited to his life as a rabbi, this autobiography shares Jerry Steinberg’s experience down a path less traveled. Revealing an understanding of God that goes beyond the conventional, the memoir ... Read more