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Can't Help Falling

By Tarah Schwartz

When Tarah Schwartz miscarried for the first time at almost 5 months, it was devastating. Determined to try again, more miscarriages would follow, threatening her stability and her relationships, and changing her profoundly. In this memoir, Tarah puts words to excruciating loss ... Read more

Deep Too

By Stan Dragland

Employing a sort of leaping or mosaic structure and incorporating e-mails re penis-enlargement, questionable limericks, jokes, graffiti and a photo of a "penis latte," along with personal anecdote and probes of books and films, Deep Too is a book of non-fiction stories. It is ... Read more

Hypatia's Wake

By Susan Andrews Grace

This compelling poetry collection presents Hypatia of Alexandria (355?415 CE) the Egyptian Neoplatonic philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician. Often credited as the first female mathematician, little else is known about Hypatia, leading to many false and fanciful representations ... Read more

Noam Chomsky

By Robert F. Barsky

This biography tells the story of how a great intellect, Noam Chomsky’s, was shaped. It describes the political and intellectual contexts that helped form the unyielding principles by which Chomsky lives, and the arenas of scholarship, political action, and ideology to which ... Read more

Quest for Coomaraswamy

Text by Pratapaditya Pal

An engaging and authouritative biography of one a remarkable man who has left a lasting impression on art in the world