Sculpture & Installation

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Giuseppe Penone

Edited by Matthew Teitelbaum

“My artwork shows, with the language of sculpture, the essence of matter and tries to reveal with the work, the hidden life within. ” — Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone: The Hidden Life Within is the first fully illustrated monograph in English on the work of the Italian ... Read more

He Named Her Amber

By Iris Häussler

He Named Her Amber spans the space between fiction and nonfiction and a spatial construct of reality and the unreal. Readers have described their experience of her work as "walking through a novel in three dimensions. "

In 2007 Iris Häussler was invited to create a work for ... Read more

John Greer

Edited by David Diviney & Sarah Fillmore

A man in a darkened workshop, surrounded and obscured by dust clouds. A pair of larger-than-life hands, holding a mallet, ready to strike. Spectacles that play with the idea of turning lies into truth and cynics into believers. A cinder block, precariously suspended above a ... Read more

Peter Powning

Edited by John Leroux

A CBC New Brunswick Book List Selection
"I start with an original object, break it, and transform parts of the piece into other materials. These pieces gather meaning and explanation as I work with them. "

Peter Powning is simultaneously referred to as a sculptor and a ceramist, ... Read more

Sorel Etrog

Edited by Ihor Holubizky

Etrog's work dots the urban landscape in Toronto and many other urban centres in Canada and shows an overriding concern for the human body's transformation in an increasingly mechanized world.

Sorel Etrog (1933-2015) is a renowned Canadian sculptor and painter. He left his native ... Read more