Mixed Media

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Ben Woolfitt

By (artist) Ben Woolfitt

Ben Woolfitt begins each day by drawing. Using graphite, silver and metal leaf and selected objects for frottage, Woolfitt plumbs the depths of his unconscious as he draws on each page of his books. Although best known for his large-format paintings, Woolfitt has completed hundreds ... Read more


Edited by Oliver Hockenhull & Alex MacKenzie

'DAMP: Contemporary Vancouver Media Arts', is a singular effort, a visually exuberant work that is also on the vanguard of theoretical engagement, a symbiosis of form and content, in full-colour throughout, inclusive of extensive imagery, graphic intrigues and typographical ... Read more

Revision of Forward, A

By Wendy McGrath

By turns tender and rough-hewn, and always structurally inventive, the poems in Wendy McGrath's new collection show a writer reaching the height of her creative powers.

Whether evoking the vulgar give-and-take of a men's poker night, fleeting moments of connection between mothers ... Read more