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Tibetan Sky

By (artist) Naoko Matsubara
Introduction by Pratapaditya Pal

Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge

By Hall Pam

From boat-building to berries, from knitting socks to mending nets, Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge vividly presents the rich, place-based knowings and doings of more than one hundred knowledge-holders from rural Newfoundland. Renowned artist Pam Hall perfectly marries ... Read more

Transitions of a Still Life

By Carol Mayer

Tam Irving, ceramic artist, has lived in British Columbia for the past 50 years and during this time he has been at the heart of the changing social, political and cultural relationships that have informed the development of studio ceramics in this province. This beautifully ... Read more

Try Not to Get Too Attached

By Robin Richardson

Using line drawings, colour and text, Robin Richardson transposes the sensibility of poetry into illustrated works, creating bite-sized, artistic meditations on the terribly wonderful, malleable and absurd experience of being alive. Richardson's intuitive works—inspired by ... Read more


Edited by Anna Hudson, Jocelyn Piirainen, and Georgiana Uhlyarik

Two generations of Inuit artists challenging the parameters of tradition.

Kenojuak Ashevak shot to fame in 1970 when Canada Post printed The Enchanted Owl, a print of a black-and-red plumed nocturnal bird, on a postage stamp. She later became known as the magic-marker-wielding ... Read more

Uncommitted Crimes

Theodor Adorno once remarked that, "...every work of art is an uncommitted crime." This book is a tribute to political artists who deviate from the mainstream and create art that engages with questions of societal oppression, survival, and resistance. It draws on interviews ... Read more

Wangechi Mutu

Edited by David Moos
By (artist) Wangechi Mutu

Black women: ideas of beauty, ideas of strength, unapologetic.

A thumb pushes on teeth. Jewelled eyes, misplaced lips, and masks of black glitter expose the complexity and falsity of the modern representational world.

Born in Nairobi, living in New York, Wangechi Mutu is known ... Read more

Wild Women

By Joyce Burkholder, Kathy Haycock, and Linda Sorensen

Wild Women is a celebration of the wilderness as seen through the eyes of these three women artists: Joyce Burkholder, Kathy Haycock and Linda Sorensen. The book presents reproductions of each artist's paintings, and photos of the artists at work in the landscape and in their ... Read more

Winter in Tilting

By (artist) Robert Mellin
Afterword by Bernice Morgan
Edited by Stan Dragland

A book about "slide hauling," a type of seasonal winter work using horses, which was common until the late 1980s in Tilting, Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Maintaining the slide paths was a communal activity: oral history describing the slide hauling process, watercolours of memorable ... Read more