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David Askevold

Edited by David Diviney

David Askevold broke into the art scene when his work was included in the seminal exhibition Information at New York's MOMA 1970, which cemented Conceptualism as a genre. He later became recognized as one of the most important contributors to the development and pedagogy of ... Read more

He Named Her Amber

By Iris Häussler

He Named Her Amber spans the space between fiction and nonfiction and a spatial construct of reality and the unreal. Readers have described their experience of her work as "walking through a novel in three dimensions. "

In 2007 Iris Häussler was invited to create a work for ... Read more


Edited by David Moos

Winner, Canadian Museums Association Outstanding Achievement in Publication and Melva J. Dwyer Award

Iain Baxter legally changed his name to IAIN BAXTER& in 2005. He appended an ampersand to his name to underscore that art is about connectivity — about contingency and collaboration ... Read more