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Joe`s Politicians

By Joe Mendelson

Expressions of the author`s political activism, these portraits of well-known politicians include George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Jean Chrétien, Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day, Preston Manning, ... Read more

Nekt wikuhpon ehpit

Edited by Terry Graff

No present without the past. No equality without feminism.

Nekt wikuhpon ehpit chronicles the sources, inspiration, and personal circumstances that have shaped Shirley Bear’s visual art, poetry, and political activism and presents the integral relationship amongst these important ... Read more

Quivering Land

By Roewan Crowe
Illustrated by Paul Robles

Roewan Crowe's compelling and haunting literary debut, Quivering Land, is a rather queer Western, engaging with poetics and politics to reckon with the legacies of violence and colonization in the West.

Written in a sparse style, this lonely, sometimes brutal book invites the ... Read more

Qummut Qukiria!

Edited by Anna Hudson, Heather Igloliorte, and Jan-Erik Lundström

Qummut Qukiria! celebrates art and culture within and beyond traditional Inuit and Sámi homelands in the Circumpolar Arctic — from the continuance of longstanding practices such as storytelling and skin sewing to the development of innovative new art forms such as throatboxing ... Read more

The Land We Are

Edited by Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill & Sophie McCall

The Land We Are is a stunning collection of writing and art that interrogates the current era of reconciliation in Canada. Using visual, poetic, and theoretical language, the contributors approach reconciliation as a problematic narrative about Indigenous-settler relations, but ... Read more

The Listener

By David Lester
Illustrated by David Lester

1933: In a small German state, the last democratic election is about to take place before a failed artist named Hitler seizes power. The election is Hitler's chance to manipulate events that will lead to the death of millions.

2010: After a man dies during a political act inspired ... Read more

Uncommitted Crimes

By Tara Atluri

Theodor Adorno once remarked that, “…every work of art is an uncommitted crime. ” This book is a tribute to political artists who deviate from the mainstream and create art that engages with questions of societal oppression, survival, and resistance. It draws on interviews ... Read more