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Beating the Bushes

By Steven Bush

Steven Bush is a man on a mission—to confront the skeletons in his family closet. Did his very own cousins rule a country that, even today, after electing its ?rst African American president, still seems bent on world domination? What can he, a distant relation of the “Bushes” ... Read more

Julian Schnabel

With David Moos

A personal look at a highly curated and special glimpse at the art of Julian Schnabel. The only comprehensive look at Schnabel's work.

American art superstar Julian Schnabel has spent his life pushing the limits of painting and crossing artistic boundaries as an award-winning ... Read more

The Way Between Things

By Sandra Meigs & Helen Marzolf


A stunning full-colour art book and the first to explore the career of award-winning visual artist Sandra Meigs

Part philosopher, part filmmaker, performer, writer, tinkerer, prankster, conjurer, naturalist, upholsterer, and teacher, Sandra Meigs has typically been referred ... Read more