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A Vision in Wood and Stone

By John Leroux
By (artist) Thaddeus Holownia

Founded as an academy for boys in 1839, Mount Allison University has grown into one of Canada’s most highly-revered undergraduate institutions. The vision of excellence that motivated its founders had a tremendous impact on the university’s success, influencing not only ... Read more

Building a University

By John Leroux

The University of New Brunswick started in 1785 with a formal petition to the Crown. From its initial shared schoolhouse accommodations to the opening of its own monumental stone quarters overlooking the town of Fredericton in 1829, UNB enjoyed slow but steady growth in the ... Read more

Full Frontal T.O.

Text by Shawn Micallef
By (photographer) Patrick Cummins

Winner of the 2013 Heritage Toronto Award of Excellence
Shortlisted for the 2013 Toronto Book Award

The Toronto streetscape: how it looks, lives and changes over time, documented in over 400 photographs. For over thirty years, Patrick Cummins has been wandering the streets of ... Read more

Glorious Light: The Stained Glass of Fredericton

By John Leroux

Fredericton, New Brunswick, is home to hundreds of stained-glass windows dating from the mid-nineteenth century through to the present day. In Glorious Light, architect and art historian John Leroux directs our eyes to the way in which the multifaceted ideological and spiritual ... Read more

Hallowed Timbers

By Susan Hyde & Michael Bird

From the grandest, most ornate church to the tiniest, most humble chapel, Cape Breton Island's houses of worship possess a timeless charm. In these pages, we join Susan Hyde and Michael Bird as they travel the winding roads of Cape Breton — along the windswept coast, through ... Read more

Legacy of Worship

By Margaret Hryniuk & Frank Korvemaker
By (photographer) Larry Easton

A spectacular full-colour coffee-table celebration of the places people have made to worship in Saskatchewan, and the stories of those who made them. This highly-anticipated companion volume to the best-selling Legacy of Stone: Saskatchewan's Stone Buildings combines brilliant ... Read more

Peter MacCallum

By Peter MacCallum

In this his newest book, Peter MacCallum has assembled collections of his documentary photographs of the last decade that examine the particularities of the vernacular spaces of human labour, commerce, and habitation.

Conceived as series, these documentary photographs juxtapose ... Read more

St. Andrews Architecture 1604?1966

By John Leroux
By (artist) Thaddeus Holownia

In this book John Leroux and Thaddeus Holownia explore the rich architectural heritage of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. From the site of the first attempt at permanent European-based architecture in Canada on St. Croix Island in 1604 to the rational grid of streets developed upon ... Read more