True As Moonlight

By (author): Merle Nudelman

True As Moonlight


Merle Nudelman

Merle Nudelman is an award-winning poet, educator, and lawyer. She has published four books of poetry: Borrowed Light (2003), We, the Women (2006), The He We Knew (2010), and True as Moonlight (2014). Her first collection, Borrowed Light, won the 2004 Canadian Jewish Book Award for Poetry. Her poetry has been published in literary journals, anthologies, and zines. Her essays appear in Poetic Inquiries of Reflection and Renewal (2017) and in Poetic Inquiry: Enchantment of Place (forthcoming). She teaches memoir and poetry writing and gives workshops on healing through writing. She lives in Toronto.


With artful precision, Merle Nudelman reveals the ordinary and extraordinary moments of a child’s life in a language that is both fresh and profound. What results is a poetic that transforms not only how we observe and experience those most dear to us but the concept of life and death itself. At the core, Nudelman’s fourth collection of poetry is celebratory – a poetry of revival that can only come after great loss and great joy, a revival that sustains like the image of her deceased son, Michael, who now is the sturdy “oak” that “shade[s” those who are left behind. – Laura Lush


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March 15, 2014


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