The Last Dog of War

By (author): Linda Griffiths

In 2005 Linda made a trip with her father to the last reunion of his RAF comrades, the 49th Squadron, Bomber Command. Intertwining her father’s experiences of a long-ago war with the war between a father and daughter, Linda Griffiths unveils an emotional chronicle of a family navigating a familiar yet foreign relationship.


Linda Griffiths

Professor of English and Theatre at the University of British Columbia and a professional actor, Jerry Wasserman has written and lectured widely on Canadian theatre, dramatic literature, theatre history, modern fiction, and blues music; publicly interviewed writers and theatre artists ranging from Margaret Atwood to Stephen Sondheim; and served for over fifteen years as a drama critic on CBC Radio. He is currently theatre critic for The Province newspaper and editor of, an informative Web site that provides up-to-date listings and reviews of local theatre performances. Wasserman grew up in New York and attained an M.A. in English from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from Cornell, specializing in twentieth-century literature and drama. He started teaching at UBC in 1972; though his initial research focus was on fiction, his work in the theatre as an actor soon led him to teach mainly drama courses, eventually creating a course in Canadian drama. In addition to his scholarly accomplishments, Wasserman continues to maintain a busy career as an actor. A seasoned veteran on the Vancouver theatre scene, he has also made over two hundred appearances on film and television.


“An expert story-teller, Griffiths adds in plenty of details, about herself, her father and the British relatives she agrees to visit on the trip. The whole play ends up feeling like hearing an old friend tell a great story about a quirky family vacation.” —Avenue Calgary


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“The last real conversation I had with my father was when I was fifteen. I am standing at the top of the stairs, my father is at the bottom of the stairs; he’s got his coat on—the door to the garage, the door to the rec room. I say, ‘I hate you.’ He turns around, looks at me and says, ‘Yeah, well I hate you too.’ Since then, a superficial patching up has gone on. There are visits. We embrace. There are jokes. Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, not so much Father’s Day—but we have been polite.”

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August 18, 2016



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