Stone the Crow

By (author): Chris Bose


Chris Bose

Chris Bose is a writer, multi-disciplinary artist, musician, curator and filmmaker. He is a founding member of the Arbour Collective, an Aboriginal arts collective based in Kamloops, with a national membership. He is also a workshop facilitator of community arts events, digital storytelling, art workshops with people of all ages and backgrounds. Bose performs curatorial work for First Nations art shows and projects, and research and writing for periodicals across Canada. He is also involved with project management and coordination, mixed-media productions, film, audio and video recording and editing, and is a music festival producer. Chris Bose is of the N’laka’pamux/Secwepemc Nation in BC, and currently spends his time in Kamloops, BC.


This is not just anybody’s book. It’s a nation’s book. It’s a book of poetry that awakens dull consciousness to ask questions. In doing so, Chris Bose transcends borders and boundaries on a journey of shining blood, boldness and courage. He is courageous. His poetry exposes raw reform and well-articulated pain experienced by young First Nations in Canada today. Stone the Crow is an excellent read.- Garry Gottfriedson (M.Ed, Poet and Activist)The language of the poems in Stone the Crow, a collection that traces Chris Bose’s journey as he – a lone, far from impassive NDN – survives the inarticulate, intoxicated streets of capitalism’s cities, might be mistaken for overheard conversation, except for the vivid ironies, ideas and hope it finally expresses. “…words jangled out/ of my mouth/ fluttering like razorblade butterflies/…” And the urban Indian becomes a lover, a father and, yes, a poet. -Daniel David Moses (Six Nations Delaware, poet, playwright)


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October 31, 2009

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Kegedonce Press



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